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Aqua Fluorescent specialized in bio fluorescent technology, based in Shanghai China. With strong bioengineering background from Taiwan. Currently have fluorescent rocks, fluorescent lights and yes even the glow fish or technically "True Glowing Fluorescent fish". The fishes are not genetically modified, therefore: there is no environmental risk or problem if they were ever released to the wild, their offspring will not carry on the fluorescent glow.  Excellent for California State where genetic modified is banned completely.

They are not dye injected, but true permanent bonding with cells thru special procedures where the glow remains thru out its natural life of the fish. The fluorescent is bond permanently to calcium, therefore; area with high calcium contains glow the most, the head, fins, tail, lip and bones. However, their DNA gene remains all natural. 

This's not the GloFish you've seen at most pet aquarium shop in the past decade, our Fluorescent literally lite up the surrounding area like lights bulb. 

This's a business to business only as we do not do retail.


Please contact for more details. 


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